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Welcome to Beck Funeral Homes & Cremation Services | We are a family owned and operated Funeral Home that has been serving Winston county and the surrounding areas since 1978. We are successful because we put our families first. We are committed to providing client families with courteous service, high standards of performance and excellence in funeral service.

226 North Street
Louisville, MS 39339

P: 662-773-3291
F: 662-773-3349

10460 Road 561
Philadelphia, MS 39350

P: 601-656-1191
F: 601-656-1192

13554 Highway 16 W
DeKalb, MS 39328

P: 769-486-5067
F: 769-486-5069

4860 Ms Highway 12
Weir, MS 39772

P: 662-285-9280
F: 662-285-9281

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